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Resources & Projects

This amazing agency provides a wide variety of resources such as housing and employment as well as academic development and domestic skill-set building. Check out more below!

Image by Hannah Busing

If you are in need of immediate assistance, please check out this local agency that specializes in crisis response. 

Holding hands

Check out this podcast series developed by our own Heather Griffith, LSW. 

Painted Hands

If you are interested in learning more about how to rebuild trust in your family, watch this video. 

Image by Alex Shute

Esther Perel  is a Belgian-American psychotherapist of Polish-Jewish descent who has explored the tension between the need for security (love, belonging and closeness) and the need for freedom (erotic desire, adventure and distance) in human relationships.

Image by Zoriana Stakhniv

Neuroscientists have documented that the earliest days, weeks and months of life are a period of unparalleled growth—with trillions of brain cell connections being made. Check out this awesome resource for parents with young children!

Siblings in White
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